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from diego to the bay [entries|friends|calendar]
T Killa

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and on and on and on. [15 Nov 2010|02:45pm]
everybody's talking shit you'll get used to it
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our hotel room [02 Sep 2009|02:17pm]

pffff I wish

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[05 Aug 2009|12:18pm]
"It's all mirror mirror on the wall because beauty is power the same way money is power the same way a gun is power."

So I guess when beauty fades and the money runs out you better get a gun.

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represent! [21 Apr 2009|10:41am]

My mom's baby brother, Jon Riedel!  Also who and where I am visiting this summer.
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Britney Spears [13 Apr 2009|11:48pm]

we can do it just how you want itCollapse )
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by the way, [25 Mar 2009|05:06pm]
I am sorry I don't call or write often.  And I'm sorry you take it so personally.
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[07 Feb 2007|01:46pm]
The time has come, 
to reach a new realization 'tween me and you,
time to clear the rumors, sensations,
and things that just are untrue.
Well I thought I heard you behind me,
with a knife straight for my back.

It's quite clear that I'm back in the swing of living,
although I might not be on the right track.
Oh, thought I might drown but its hard to keep a good girl...
Down town's wheres you'll find me,
through some ill gotten' hand
Although I never listen girl, I damn well understand.
And you think, I'm so damn feeble.
I can't see through your lies, you're just a crock of shit,
with a pretty smile, and I refuse to compromise.
Oh, your givin' me such a heavy, heavy, heavy load.
You may hold some vision of truth, if truth can found in a lie.
Maybe some grain of inspiration, for song thats deep inside.
Oh, tears running down your face, just screaming look me in the eye.
Well I'm looking straight at your twisted face,
and it's enough to make me cry.
Oh, The path is there for those who want to
pay the price of loving you,
in more ways than one.
Wrapped around your finger
but I think my time has come
but I never can be too sure, cause I like to have a little fun.
Oh, what fun it would be to blow my mind and fall into the sun.

A mind is a precious thing to taste.
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don't forget. [23 Nov 2005|11:04am]
"Once again we’ll stroll in the mountains
Through that rose-covered valley we knew
When the moon comes over the mountain
I’m alone with my memory of you."

[09 Jul 2003|10:26pm]
Vapid Whore
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